How We Help Our Economy

Whenever you think of the term auto recycling, what comes to mind would immediately be a junkyard, any kind of junkyard for that matter. But this is a misconception many auto recycle companies would like to correct. In fact, recycling involves much more than you might think. A professional auto recycle company plays a big part in today’s movement to protect the environment. They also help educate people on what auto recycling really means, how it benefits people, and how it benefits our environment.


What Auto Recycle Means

An auto recycle company is an automotive recycler by profession. At Hwy 5 Auto Salvage, you will find trained technicians who are well-versed in all makes and models of vehicles. These professionals know what materials are recyclable and what needs to be disposed of. Functional parts are put up for sale while waste parts are processed and scrapped. Scrap are sold and bought for their steel, aluminum, copper, iron, brass, and tin content. Such metals can be manufactured into new products. All usable parts recovered from old, unused vehicles are cleaned and tested for good working condition.


Most all of our parts are organized on racks or shelves for easier locating when there are requests or orders. There are accurate descriptions written per item to make sure they match the exact parts which people are looking for. Every part in stock has an ID number and this is updated via a computerized inventory system on a regular basis.


In summary, Hwy 5 Auto Salvage dismantles, recovers, and recycles parts from irrecoverable vehicles. They use the latest tools and techniques to maximize the process and minimize any effects on people and the environment. Our recycle yard has been inspected by ADEQ and local and state officials assuring we are running a safe business within the regulations of environmental compliance, before we were ever actually given a permit to operate. We also have a permit to install the parts we sell which puts us above and beyond our competition.


The Benefits of Auto Recycling

Hwy 5 Auto Salvage supplies people with second-hand spare parts at a much lower price compared to buying a brand-new item. We provide people with hard to find spare parts through our wide resource of vehicles in stock. We assure our recycled parts are properly cleaned and tested for performance before consiering any of them for sale.


Auto recycling can help save other vehicles from becoming waste. Using our services, your vehicle can be restored to good running condition and last much longer without the expense of purchasing new parts. You can place online requests for parts and get instant feedback if an item is in stock or not. Through our online part inventory, our customers can specify the exact needed part and see if we have it in stock. We also makes referrals to other affiliate auto recyclers from which a client could possibly outsource the needed parts.


Deliveries are made by pick-up or shipping, which are assured to be reliable and always on time. Parts are covered by a 30 to 90-day warranty, depending on the type of part. Hwy 5 Auto Salvage helps generate employment for people. It provides a source of steady income for its technicians and office employees. We equip our workers with the required safety equipment to perform the work we need to complete, efficiently. Our referrals also help scrap yards and repair shops earn a living and cut on cost on buying new parts.


Hwy 5 Auto Salvage brings a positive change to people’s lives on a wide scale. Auto recycling keeps communities clean and orderly. It removes eyesores from your garages, streets, roadsides, and neighborhoods. It protects people from exposure to health hazards by confining waste materials to secluded storage spaces where you don’t have to see, smell, and worry about them.


Saving the Environment

Our conscientious staff strictly abides by our environmental compliance certificate through ADEQ, and we satisfy all local and state regulations. We understand that in order to remain certified and operational, we must observe all safety practices and avoid all forms of air, noise, and water pollution. All things that contaminate air, like dust particles, fumes, gases, and smoke, should be avoided or contained. Open burning of tires which is toxic to health and bad for the environment is no longer practiced. Certain necessary tests are preformed for crushers, heaters, grinders, boilers, and furnaces which they have to pass every day before they continue. Tires are piled up systematically and covered well to prevent mosquitoes, pests, and other disease-causing organisms from proliferating in the environment. All combustible materials are handled carefully.


Hwy 5 Auto Salvage is always kept secured against fires which could damage lives and properties. Any scrap materials that are classified as waste and properly disposed of ASAP. Hazardous waste like lead batteries, used oil, contaminated gasoline, mercury bulbs, solvents and paints are sent to reclamation plants for processing and reuse. Extreme caution is used in handling oil leaks and spills as well as corrosive substances like rust, lead, sulfuric acid, and other chemicals. These are all very toxic to human health, to aquatic life, and to plants and animals in the environment.


Special treatment plants exist for wastewater that prevents it from contaminating natural rivers, lakes, and ponds used by people. This very same consciousness about how auto recycling directly affects people’s lives and the environment drives Hwy 5 Auto Salvage to perform its job well. We may be a company that only deals with used parts and spare parts, but we are fully aware of the big part we play in keeping the world a safer, better place to live in.


Do away with the old idea that an auto recycle company is synonymous with a junkyard. Recover the important concept that an Auto recycle Company like Hwy 5 is here to help reduce waste, reuse old parts, and recycle second-hand materials into more productive items for the greater good.